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What is Ballet Crypto?

Ballet Crypto is a non-electronic cryptocurrency hardware wallet and is the brainchild of Bobby Lee. Bobby (a crypto OG)is best known for his work as Founder of the Chinese Bitcoin Exchange – BTCChina. The idea behind this wallet is that you can receive Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more with ZERO technical knowledge.

Ballet Crypto Hardware Wallet is the ideal way to gift cryptocurrency, to friends, loved ones, family and beneficiaries. The wallet is secure, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it has a great companion app available in the Android Play Store as well as Apple iTunes.

What is the point of a non-electronic hardware wallet?

Well, it has multiple advantages for new users of cryptocurrency or even people who have never heard of Bitcoin.

  1. It makes Bitcoin (and other cryptos) more tactile. This helps with onboarding, as you can see, touch, and smell your “bitcoin”. If you drop the high-quality metal card on a hard surface – you can hear the sound of your “bitcoin”.
  2. It is a safer method of storing crypto physically when it is in 3rd party control. For example, in custody with a lawyer, bank safety deposit box and similar solutions.
  3. It makes it extremely simple to gift bitcoin to anyone who does not have any exposure to this technology.

How does the Ballet Crypto Wallet Work?

This hardware wallet stands out as it works in tandem with an app available on iOS or Android. The app is used to manage your receiving addresses and also to activate additional currencies. It is a great way to keep your information current, without the need to access the actual hardware wallet. In a nutshell, it is a metal credit card with a QR code and Bitcoin XPub address. This enables you to send bitcoin to the card directly.

NOTE: If you want to remove the funds you need to scratch off the special paint that covers the wallet passphrase, which will render the card less secure, albeit only if someone else can “peek” at it. It will still work fine.

Under the hood…

The device is manufactured in stages, in multiple locations, which are separated by an ocean… the Pacific Ocean to be specific. No employee ever comes in touch with the complete set of details required to move funds from the tamper-proof wallet. The companion app can only be used to transfer funds out of the wallet if you have the physical wallet present and you remove the tamper-proof paint which covers the passphrase required to sign a transaction using the companion app.

How safe is it?

No 3rd party storage solution is 100% secure to the Nth degree, whether intentional(malicious) or through user error. Consequently one has to weigh up the risks and asses your circumstances to decide if the risk model is acceptable for each situation. No two people are the same and therefore not every solution will have the same level of performance for every user.

The manufacturer of these hardware wallets has taken a painstaking approach to the manufacturing process, resulting in an end product that complies with the highest security standards. Click here for a detailed description of the industry-first 2FKG process employed to create these wallets.

Read more about Proof of Keys here

What makes Ballet Crypto Wallet Unique


It is really beautiful, perfectly weighted with a luxurious “shimmer”. The laser-etched engravings and polished surface show how well this item has been designed and manufactured. As a result, it creates an air of exclusivity by simply holding it. Furthermore, a couple of nice touches, like the space on the back for a memo, have made it extremely functional for its intended purpose.

The card itself has a satisfying weight and balance to it, making it pleasing to caress and admire in hand as it shimmers angled in the light. The laser-etched matte finish of the card sits in brilliant contrast to the polished shine of the raised elements like a bas-relief sculpture. I’m reminded of the quote by Michelangelo stating that he saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set it free. – @MikeinSpace

The wallet comes in a clear acrylic case to protect it, yet this further enhances its appeal, drawing on the tradition of storing BU (brilliant uncirculated or mint state) coins.


This is a very simple wallet to use. You need Zero technical knowledge, as well as never having to do updates, firmware changes or any other sort of maintenance associated with electronic hardware wallets. Furthermore, you can transfer the actual physical card to someone else with no approval required or restrictions placed by anyone. (This is fantastic for those who would like to buy and Gift Crypto to family, friends and loved ones)


The ballet crypto wallet is truly beautiful and a real pleasure to hold. It simply screams quality and class at you, consequently, it is the type of device which would find itself quite at home in a jewellery shop. It simply oozes luxury. When you compare it to a flimsy paper wallet, this solution is much more durable. Furthermore, you are less likely to lose it or discarded it by accident.

Who is it for?

If you are a crypto expert then the Ballet crypto wallet is probably not for you. This doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, but simply that the intended market for this product is non-technical or new users.

Where to get a Ballet Crypto Wallet?

You can purchase a hardware wallet directly from Ballet Crypto via their online shop

***This article is intended to educate and should in no way be seen as investment advice or an enticement to use any specific platform or service. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile with big profit opportunities but you should also remember that you could lose part or all of your investment whenever you take part in any high risk investment. Crypto trading is not a regulated industry in most jurisdictions, which in itself carries additional risks. IF YOU ARE NOT AN ASTUTE TRADER, SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENTS.***

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